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Condo Association Insurance

Condo Association Insurance

The Williams Company provides great values on condo association insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. A locally owned business out of western North Carolina, we focus on providing affordable insurance options for newly retired individuals. This means we understand the special needs of condominium owners and condo associations. Unlike large corporate insurance companies, we take the time to get to know each of our customers personally, and we take pride in providing the best options from a wide range of insurance carriers.

Customized Condo Association Policies

Condo associations can choose from a variety of different policy options. Our policies generally protect the association in one of three specific ways:

  1. A master policy that insures basic buildings but excludes coverage of individual unit features such as carpeting, appliances, cabinetry and wall coverings
  2. A master policy that insures basic buildings as well as individual units but not tenant-owned personal property
  3. A master policy that insures all buildings and includes coverage of fixtures and improvements provided by the unit owner

Depending on the size and operation of a condo association, other segments of a policy can be customized as well. We provide a wide range of liability options to cover employees and executives as well as property and business income. Other available business insurance options include commercial car insurance to cover association-owned vehicles as well as non-owned vehicles used for association business. Available property coverage includes

  • Special causes of loss coverage on buildings and business income
  • Coverage of pools, pool houses, tennis courts and other outbuildings
  • Actual loss sustained coverage for business income
  • Coverage of sewer and drainage backup
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Flood and earthquake coverage
  • Theft and vandalism coverage
  • Coverage of computer fraud
  • Forgery coverage

You can get a quick online quote from The Williams Company here. For more information about condo association insurance or other business coverage, call our office today.